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Dinner Menu

The word "tapas" is derived from the spanish verb tapar, to cover. It is said that the ìtapaî was born in the Castileís land. Due to an illness, the Spanish King Alfonso the 10th, had to take small bites of foods with wine between meals. After getting healthy, the wise king ordered that in all inns across his land, wine was never to be served without something to eat.

It is our goal to make sure that we only serve authentic dishes that are as close to the original presentation and taste as those you would find in different regions of Spain. We have a fantastic selection of wines, cavas, beers, and other signature cocktails to accompany your meal. We make every effort to ensure that the majority of our key ingredients are imported from Spain. Our kitchen team members come from Spain, descendants of Spain or of Latin ancestry to ensure authenticity and standards. 


Aceitunas con Mojo Canario

Mixed olive salad with Canary Island dressing

Tortilla Espanola

Classic Spanish omelet – egg, onion & potato

Ensalada de la casa

House salad with Lola’s homemade dressing

With grilled chicken

With grilled shrimp

With smoked salmon

Tomato & Mozzarella

With baby spinach and a cilantro pesto sauce

Salmon Ahumado

Smoked salmon with dill goat cheese & capers on toast

Manchego y Serranno    

Manchego cheese and Serrano cured ham with toast


Artichoke hearts & roasted red peppers with a garlicky vinaigrette


Sopa del mar a la Lola

Lola’s seafood, tomato & basil soup


Grilled marinade of wild & garden vegetables

Patatas Ali-Oli

Sautéed baby red potatoes with a garlic mayo “Ali-Oli”


Seasoned vegetable & cheese puffs

Setas Silvestres

Sautéed garlicky wild mushrooms

Canalones Rellenos  con Asparagos

Roasted vegetable stuffed crepes with an asparagus sauce

Pasta con Almejas

Little neck clams with pasta in a white wine & garlic broth

Cerdo Ximenez

Sauteed pork tenderloin with a Ximenez sherry & fig sauce

Calamares Fritos

Fried calamari with a parsley & pesto mojo sauce

Pinchos de Vieras y Uvas Negras

Grilled sea scallops & black grape skewers

Vieras a la Campesina

Fried sea scallops with a tomato & goat cheese sauce

Gambas al Ajillo

Garlicky shrimp

Crostones de Cangrejo

Maine crab meat, sofrito and cheese crustini’s with a piquillo-shrimp sauce

Langostinos Rebozados

Prawn fritters with a savory mango & scallion sauce

Pinchos de Pollo a la Mostaza

Chicken skewers with mushroom-mustard sauce

Alas de Pollo 

Sauteed chicken wings in a spicy buffalo sauce

Croquetas de Pollo

Chicken croquettes with Lola’s savory tomato sauce

Empanadas de Pollo

Chicken turnovers and fresh hand made tomato sauce

Pato con Naranjas Valenianas

Roasted duckling with Valencia orange sauce

Ravioles de Pato

Duck confit stuffed raviolis with a creamy Curacao liquor & wild blueberries sauce


Mussels stuffed with Serrano ham, garlic & onion

Paella a la Valenciana

Classic Spanish saffron rice with meat, seafood and vegetables

Paella con Vegetale

Spanish saffron rice with market fresh vegetables


Empanadas de Carne         
Beef turnovers and fresh hand made tomato sauce

Solomillo al Cabrales

Grilled beef tenderloin with “Cabrales” goat-blue cheese sauce

Hamburguesas de Lola

2 mini beef burgers

Albondigas al Jerez

Meatballs with sherry wine and raisin sauce

Lomo de Cordero a la Caldereta

Lamb loin braised in wine, tomato and herbs

Chuletillas de Cordero Lechal

Baby lamb chops and a Castille style sauce

Conejo al Vino y Finas Hierbas

Rabbit braised in white wine & fine herbs

Chorizos Diablillos Borrachos

Sautéed little Spanish sausage with a kick and brandy splash


Baked Mediterranean dates wrapped in bacon



Milk Caramel Crepes with coffee cream sauce

Tarta de Queso
Fresh White Cheese Tart with Berries

Budin de Pan

Bread Pudding with Mango Sauce

Flan Al Caramelo
Caramel Custard with Blueberry Sauce and Sugar Biscuit

Chocolate Brownie Sundae
Warm brownie with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream

Tarta de Chocololate
Chocoloate Tart with Passion Fruit Cream


Drink List

The LOLITA is our own special signature martini. It is a delicious concoction of Stoli Perik, Gran Torres (a Spanish orange-flavored cordial) and mango juice topped with Marques de Gelid Brut Cava. The Lolita is finished with an edible orchid flower – a symbol of love, luxury, and beauty. Also, considered an aphrodisiac used in love potions during the middle ages.

The Matador – Our Sangria kicked up a notch! And many more to choose from.

BarLola Sangria
Made with our special in-house recipe, order by the pitcher or by the glass. Let Lola entice your taste buds, relax, unwind and enjoy.

Wine List

Cava ~ Sparkling

Segura Viudas Brut             7 24

Poema Cava                        9 32

Montsarra Brut                   10 38

Moet Imperial                     75

Vueve Cliqot Brut                125

Blanco ~ White

Quo Macabeo-Chardonnay     7 24

Volteo Sauvignon Blanc         7 24

Marques de Caceres              8 28

Cortijo III                              8 28

Ercavio Blanco                      8 28

Raimat Chardonnay              9 32

Castello de Papa                   9 32

Pares Balta                           9 32

Burgans Albarino                 10 38

Legado del Conde Alberino 10 38

Rosado ~ Rose

Marques de Caceres             8 28

Castella Rose Cava               8 28

Tinto ~ Red

Montecillo                             7 24

Spada                                   7 24

Las Rocas                             8 28

El Coto Rioja                        8 28

Campo Viejo Rioja               8 28

Torremoron Tempranillo    9 32

Darien Tempranillo             9 32

Mas Donis                            9 32

Estay                                   10 38

Rivola                                  10 38

Dehesa la Granja                12 46

Marques de Murrieta           59

Remelluri                             59

Marques de Caceres           59

Marques de Riscal               59

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